Visitors to Fox Creek

RonMoss from Bold and the Beautiful

Ron Moss(Bold and The Beautiful) and Ralf Hadzic(Life is a Cabernet)

From the Fox Creek Cellar Door on MalpasRoad you can see a terrific array of stars
in the night sky over McLaren Vale. Thanks to premium wine tour operator, ‘Life is a
Cabernet’ and it’s owner Ralf Hadzic, those aren’t the only Stars seen in McLaren Vale.
On a recent visit to South Australia, Star of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, Ronn Moss was captivated not only by the region but the great wines of Fox Creek. Seen here with Life is a Cabernet operator Ralf Hadzic, Ronn couldn’t sing the praises of the Short Row Shiraz enough. And sing he did at the Festival Playhouse where on stage he talked about the premium experience the region offered and the fantastic wines of Fox Creek. “What about that Vixen,” he crooned. Be on the lookout for Fox Creek labels on the set of the Bold and the Beautiful this coming season.

Stephen Curry at the Byron Bay Film Festival with a bottle of Vixen

Stephen Curry

Pictured is Australian actor and comedian Stephen Curry, who opened the 2008 Byron Bay Film Festival, with a bottle of the much loved Vixen. Stephen is best known from his debut feature role as Dale Kerrigan in the classic Australian film 'The Castle' and he recently won an AFI award for his portrayal of Graham Kennedy in the tele-series 'The King'.

Scottish First Minister Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP & South Australian MP Leon Bignell

Leon Bignell MP and Scottish First Minister, Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP

Leon Bignell MP, ALP Member for Mawson kindly sent us this photo of himself presenting the Scottish First Minister, Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP with a bottle of our Short Row Shiraz at a dinner in Edinburgh in November 2008. Alex is the leader of the Scottish National Party which won the 2007 Scottish Parliament elections. Alex has never been to Australia but is keen to get down and explore McLaren Vale and hopefully see some of the Adelaide Festival of Arts or the Fringe Festival. We're sure the bottle of Short Row will entice him to leave his 'bonnie shores'.


 British High Commissioner

British High Commissioner, Helen Liddell and Shadow

Shadow was on his best behavior when the British High Commissioner, The Rt. Hon. Helen Liddell came especially to visit him in May 2007.  Helen and her husband are Circle members and first met Shadow at Cellar Door in November 2006.  Helen’s husband was in Adelaide at a conference recently and while he was playing golf (mandatory part of a physician’s conferences) Helen made the time to come and visit her friend, Shadow.  Shadow was charming but wouldn’t co-operate for the cameras!

 Channel 10 HelicopterJane Reilly with Jim and Paul from Fox Creek Wines

Channel 10 News Helicopter,  Jane Reilly with Jim Watts and Paul Rogers

Harvest time at Fox Creek is always exciting but was made even more so in March 2006 by visits from Jane Reilly, the Channel 10 weather presenter, and from the 2006 English Commonwealth Games Diving team. Jane swooped in by helicopter in great style and filmed a segment at the winery which was shown on the Channel 10 news that night. They learnt a bit about how we harvest and crush the grapes.

 Commonwealth English Diving Team

The English Commonwealth Games Diving Team

On another sunny Autumn afternoon our Cellar Door was invaded by a group of very fit and healthy looking members of the English Commonwealth Games Diving team. They had come from “arctic” conditions back in their homeland to the glorious sunshine and surroundings of McLaren Vale to enjoy the local produce, including our wines of course! Shadow graced them with his presence and performed his famous “running the vines” routine, much to their amusement. They spent many an hour absorbing the ambience at our Cellar Door and recharging their batteries in preparation for the Games.