The Ultimate Party Escort

Several years ago we had a little bit of fun with our Vixen advertising.

Look back at the old advertisement.

Vixen - the ultimate escort

Have you ever dreamt of sipping on a luscious blend of red varieties with a fine bead of frothy bubbles?

Vixen, by Fox Creek, can make all of this and more come true.Your friends will be jealous, your former party escorts seem dull and all eyes will be on you as you stride in to your next party with Vixen, in your arm.

Country of origin: Vixen is born and raised from the Fox Creek vineyards in South Australia’s McLaren Vale region. This is her seventh year on the circuit and in this time Vixen has been showered with medals, trophies and awards from all over the world. She is a sparkling red success story.

Bouquet: Vixen oozes a seductive and exotic perfume of black cherry, plum and sweet spices. It is a perfume so alluring, so very arousing, that if it weren’t already in glass, you might just think about bottling it yourself. When Vixen cascades into your glass surrender to the pleasure as her aromas waft over you.

Palate: Vixen is a volcano of flavour.When she erupts there are hints of blackberry, liquorice and chocolate all capped with a delicate pink mousse. Like finely crushed rubies, the beads of this wine are delicate and persistent, indicative of her high quality and fine breeding.

Age: Like most women of mystery,Vixen has no vintage. She is a complex and sophisticated blend of both young and aged material making her a well balanced and extremely pleasant mouthful to revel in.

Varieties: An all encompassing escort,Vixen is made up of 55% shiraz, 30% cabernet franc and 15% cabernet sauvignon. No matter what your desire, Vixen has a wide flavour profile to satisfy your every taste.

Measurements:  This crimson beauty stands at a busty 31 cm tall and is filled with 750 ml’s of flavour that lingers in your mouth like a gentle fog over the Seine in winter.

Dress: You will be proud as punch to walk into a party with Vixen in your arm. Clothed in her figure flattering, black and gold outfit,Vixen is style personified.And, when you remove her crown with a gentle twist and flirtatious pull, she will reward you with all the passion she can ignite.

Cost: Vixen can escort you to the party of your choice for RRP of $22 per 750ml bottle.

Cuisine: Pure bliss when served on her own,Vixen is also a mouthful of delicious eroticism when teamed with parcels of carefully selected food. Dishes such as Christmas pudding, roast duck, roast pork, flavoursome tapas and cold meats – Vixen can amplify any dish to be more like a meal than a snack.

Winemaker: Vixen is a work of art that occurs at the hands of winemakers Dan Hills and Tony Walker – the men behind Vixen.