The Story of Merlot Man

Erwin Matthews, whose nickname is Merlot Man posted the following letter after the first Convention for embroidery digitisers was held in Australia. Fox Creek sponsored this event. 

"I am subdued this morning, and even memories of that fantastic convention last weekend are not enough to raise my spirits. On Saturday night at the Gala Dinner I was over-joyed at finding a new friend, one whose friendship I hoped I may have savoured well into the future. I am sure many of you established similar new friendships that will last for many a year but mine was not to last, only briefly.

Last night my new friend and I visited at the home of an old mate of mine now living in the leafy, hilly suburbs west of Brisbane. And there, midst a feast of roast lamb, mint jelly, chocolate truffles, port wine, double brie and water biscuits on a table beset with silver cutlery and crystal, my new, dear friend passed away, his life essence poured out before us all. This morning, only the dark shadow-like shell of his existence remains, empty of that which made him whole. He was not elderly, yet last evening he demonstrated a maturity surprising for one so young.

Saddened, I now venture southwards home where I will introduce the two siblings of my now-departed dear friend to another couple of my old mates ready to make their acquaintance. They will be impressed."

For your information, my friend grew up in Fox Creek, a locality over in South Oz, where he left home some time after 2005. His name was Merlot, as are the names of his siblings." 

Merlot Man - Erwin Matthews