Flinders Medical Centre Arts in Health Program

Arts in Health at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) is a unique program in South Australia that is integrating arts into the daily life of the hospital and enhancing FMC’s role as a leading health promoting hospital.Since 1996, Arts in Health at FMC has been improving the physical and social environment of the hospital to help create a healthier, healing culture for patients, families, visitors, staff and volunteers.

Gardens and gallery spaces, public art and performances provide respite from a busy hospital environment, creating space for relaxation and reflection. They bring joy and create a distraction from clinical care and treatment regimes. Arts in Health at FMC is the first arts in health program to be established in a hospital in South Australia and is recognised as the largest and most diverse program in Australia.

Fundraising, donations, government grants and sponsorship are what enables this vibrant and inspiring program to have a positive effect across the whole hospital.

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