Byron Bay International Film Festival

Byron Bay and the northern NSW region are home to a substantial number of filmmakers. In response to this, the inaugural Byron Bay Film Festival in February 2006 focused on screening the back catalogue of local filmmakers’ work plus other Australian films. However, the immediate and enthusiastic audience feedback from this festival motivated the management team to expand the screenings to include international films, a positive drawcard for an expanding international audience.

The range of films the BBFF screens is diverse and dynamic. The team is passionate about supporting independent filmmakers in all stages of their careers and they believe in creating positive opportunities wherever possible by showcasing the amazing works of talented creatives to an open, intelligent audience as well as some well connected, highly respected Judges.

BBFF has the good fortune to be located in one of Australia’s most desirable locations; a community renowned worldwide for its focus on style and innovative design, green values, and multicultural creativity.


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